Livingstone Partners
PO Box 7732
New York, New York 10150

Tel: +1 716 213 6490
Fax: +1 646 707 0365

Why Us

We are a New York State property investment and management company, and so we not only know the local market, but we personally invest in the market. As a local company, we have everything in place, from insurance brokers, lawyers and real estate agents, to make investing in Western New York a successful and hassle-free experience.

We believe the United States has significant benefits for property investors including:

  • A highly developed and extensive property market with wide variety of housing types available.
  • A straightforward purchase process, even for foreign investors; property transfer is simple, safe and inexpensive.
  • A transparent and strong legal framework with pro-landlord regulations.
  • A low tax environment with fiscal incentives for investment property owners which helps reduce tax liabilities.
  • A liquid market which provides a quick exit strategy.
  • Investors benefit from the high yields which are unavailable in other developed markets such as the UK.
  • Excellent opportunities in the current environment with low entry points and high rental yields. Government stimulus packages are expected to stimulate demand and drive up prices.

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