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The Buying Process

Once we have discussed your investment criteria, we will source several suitable properties and send you details, including photographs, of each unit for your review. This can take a week or so, depending on supply.

We typically provide properties that are newly renovated so there are no upfront rehab costs. However, we are able to source rehab opportunities if this is an area of interest.

Our primary aim is to provide you with affordable properties, located in stable neighbourhoods, which will attract good quality, long-term tenants and generate high monthly rental income (indicative gross yields of 30%).

We also provide a one-month rental guarantee from the date of purchase

We will send you a short application form (one page) to complete. Once this is returned to us, we will forward this to our US-based solicitor.

Our solicitor will send you a purchase contract and addendum documents after all title searches are performed. If you wish to have a property inspection conducted, we will do so at this stage.

We will arrange property insurance through our broker who will send the paperwork for your signature.

Our solicitor will contact you with a closing statement and to arrange for the funds transfer in order to complete the purchase.

We can also provide you with contact details of our accountant who can help you determine your US income tax liability.

You take title ownership of the property. We will collect keys at closing and the tenant’s security deposit will be held into a designated bank account at HSBC.

We will send you a property management contract to sign, which instructs us to manage your property.

Title documents will be mailed to you within three months.

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